Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fredericksburg weekend

Hello October...now that we are half way through with you it might be time to update you with what we have been doing!
It has been busy (as always) and full of so much fun and activity.
I have a few posts I am getting ready to show you what we have been up to (i.e. lots of visits to the pumpkin patch) but, I just wanted to try to stay as current as possible and update about the trip to Fredericksburg Ben and I just got back from.
That's right...you read that correctly...just Ben and I.
It has been quite some time (since our honeymoon 6 1/2 years ago to be exact) since Ben and I went on a trip just the two of us. We have had weekends away with other adult friends and family but never just the two of us. IMG_2598 It was long overdue.
We basically booked this time for my 30th birthday in August but, just now had the time and babysitters to go. It ended up being perfect though because October is the prime month in the Texas Hill Country.

After doing lots of research and asking for many recommendations Ben and I booked the Basse Suite at the Hoffman Haus. I cannot say enough about these accomodations. They are gorgeous. Totally beautiful and quaint and clean and comfortable.
We totally felt like we hit the jackpot staying there.

The Hoffman Haus is a bed and breakfast and the Basse suite was our own little house that they would drop off a picnic basket full of breakfast at our door every morning. This was no ordinary breakfast...it was amazing hot breafast with things like quiche, french bread french toast, eggs, pepper smoked bacon, fruit, muffins, etc. It was delicious.
The Basse House IMG_1963 
Our Kitchen
 IMG_1940IMG_1941 Our sitting room
Our bedroom basse1large Our Bathroom (my favorite room :) Bassebathlg - color change The second bedroom and bathroom IMG_1946IMG_1947
We pretty much just relaxed and played the whole weekend by ear. We did what we wanted when we wanted with no schedule really and it was divine. The town of Fredericksburg is just so cute. It is an old German town with lots of German flair and even a local brewery. IMG_1955IMG_1951 Main street is lined with tons of beautiful buildings hundreds of years old that are still beautiful have great architecture like this old hospital turned into a kitchen store. IMG_1953IMG_1948IMG_1962
While I was enjoying a massage at the Hoffman Haus, Ben also toured the local World War II museum and was super impressed. He saw incredible authentic artifacts and moving pictures.
He even searched up and down the garden walls until he found a photo of the exact boat his grandpa served on in the war. IMG_1973 Can you imagine getting this letter?
He said this photo made him so sad and reminded him that this little japanese boy could have been a baby boy like Ty.
We visited some wineries on Saturday and even played golf at the local municipal course on Sunday. IMG_1994 But, Ben's favorite thing we did was tour Garrison Brothers Bourbon distillery in Hye, TX.
It is the only bourbon distillery in Texas and I highly recommend this tour for anyone taking their husband to Fredericksburg.
We learned more about the science experiment of making bourbon and the differences between bourbon and whiskey than I ever thought I would know. I think it was most exciting for Ben because the owner is just as good-old Texas boy following his dream. You can't even buy the bourbon there because it is against the law but, we did get to taste a sip from each of the 4 stages of the distilling process.
It was pretty cool. IMG_1991IMG_1989 Overall, we had a very enjoyable and relaxing weekend just the two of us. It was so much fun to just be together. We were like little honeymooners reconnecting and it was just so fun.
I still feel sappy talking about it but, that is just how I feel. I totally am blessed and married the exact right person for me.
I just feel so thankful that after 13 years we are still crazy about each other. IMG_2610 But, meanwhile....Kinley and Ty were having a great old time with Honey & Boss. I requested picture updates like every 10 minutes. They spent Friday night at Bass Pro shops and Grapevine Mills. Kinley even got a Build-a-Bear.
Saturday, they had an amazing pumpkin carving and face painting party at Lindy's house with all the other in-town great-grandkids. I am sad I missed this but, the kids looked like they had a blast! IMG_2622IMG_2623photo-178photo-177 Sunday, they went to church with Honey & Boss and Kinley spent the afternoon with Pops & Gram before Honey took her to Kiley's birthday party at the pumpkin patch. I am so thankful she got to go spend some time with sweet friends even when we weren't there. photo-176 We all had a great weekend and time away was treasured and appreciated by all.
I just had tears in my eyes when we saw our kids when we got home.
I am totally a sap!
Happy October!


kristen said...

that whole weekend is a dream!! so so much fun!! i am so glad you guys got to just be together by yourselves. jeff would have died over the bourbon distillery. that is so cool! and your house is amazing. and those kids kill me. i love the pumpkin carving!

Nina said...

Yay! So glad ya'll got to get away together! That bathroom is amazing!!!

Jan said...

Uncle Jimmy and I went to Fredericksburg the weekend before ya'll did. We love that place. When I first looked at the picture of all the Halloween kids in front of the couch, I swear Ty looked just like Bart! Love your kids!!!