Thursday, October 25, 2012

Elmo Princess

Ok, you know how sometimes your kid comes to you with the craziest Halloween outfit idea and you just wonder where they came up with it and how you in the world you are going to make it happen!?
 Well, that happened to me this year.
Kinley has decided this year that she wants to be an Elmo Princess.
What the what?!
I am not sure what that even is.
I think she just loves elmo and loves princesses and decided to merge them....who wouldn't!? 
  So, I found a picture on pinterest for what I thought might work for her vision and she said "It's perfect!"
I dont even have that picture anymore and what I did was not near as cute but, I just winged it with a bunch of tulle and felt and made an Elmo Princess costume.
I can't tell if I love it or am scared by it. But, Kinley is excited about it. I am pretty sure anyone 100 yards away will see a huge Elmo face and wonder what that is...but, I told myself go big or go home...she's three and its Halloween!
 The day I finished it Kinley asked for a photo shoot so here are some phone pics...her posing cracks me up.
If you see an Elmo princess walking your way...don't be's probably Kinley.
Elmo Princess4 Elmo Princess3 Elmo Princess1 Elmo Princess2 we come!


Allison said...

This is the best thing I have ever seen! I LOVE it and wish I could see her with this on! Love her imagination and you are such a fun mom for making her vision come alive!

kristen said...

That is so stink in adorable!! I Love her creative brain! kinley gay- this is genius. So so sweet. she and i can go together as elmo princess and mary the mother of Jesus. I would say creative halloween costumes are pretttyyyy cool.

JenFogle said...

This is why Eden and kinley are best friends... They are sooo much alike! Eden is a hello kitty-supergirl-princess. Our current crisis is that her cape hasn't arrived...

Jan said...

She'll definitely be the cutest Elmo Princess I'll see the entire night! She cracks me up!!! You are so good to encourage her imagination. Keep up the good work sweet niece. Remember to take some Halloween pics landscape please for my screensaver :) Love you.