Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ty's First Family Birthdays and Ty & Austin

Every other month or so we have a family birthday celebration with my mom's side of the family. I have posted many times about family birthdays but this past Sunday was Ty's first time to attend! We all went to Aunt Jan's house for lunch and the Cowboy game. (the game that was the biggest collapse in the Cowboys history?...yes, that one) Nevertheless, it was so fun to be there and just be with family. Ty was held the entire time by someone and thus he slept most of the time we were there. Not too many pics but, here are a few.
We did our best to deck out in Cowboys gear/colors...
Kinley loves to shout "Go Cowboys!" all the time now. But, I think she was feeling our disappointment at this point.
How cute are Kinley and Pepa looking out over the golf course!?

After the game, Cary, Chris and baby Austin came over to meet Ty. Austin and Ty are only 6 weeks apart. I think it will be so fun to watch them grow up together so close in age over the years. This was their first little photo shoot together.
How cute is Austin!?
Of course, Kinley wanted in on the photo shoot too!
Before she left, Cary gave me a tutorial on the Moby wrap. I never had one with Kinley but, I wanted one for Ty. I hadn't quite figured out how to use it yet and had about given up on it. But, after Cary's tutorial and seeing how much Austin loved it, she has converted me and now I am using the Moby every day sometimes twice a day! It is so helpful to be able to get things done using both hands while keeping Ty close. I love it!
The Moby and the Miracle Blanket are my two favorite mommy life-savers for a newborn. I learned about the Miracle Blanket from Camila a couple years ago. I never had one with Kinley but, it really is so helpful for a baby that jerks themselves awake during the night. It is impossible for Ty to get out of and he sleeps so peacefully with it on. If you are about to have a baby...I definitely recommend both of these and you should check them both out!


Natalie said...

It will be so fun seeing Austin and Ty grow up together!!! They are the cutest little boys!

Anonymous said...

Love love the moby wrap! I got one shortly after Cooper was born and I already miss it so much! I loved wearing her in it when we would go to the grocery store - Kendall would ride in the front of the cart and I would just wear Cooper. It's great! - Ashley

Camila said...

OMG Austin! I hate we didn't see him in TX! He is ADORABLE!

Miracle blanket is and my go-to gift for first time mommies. I never tried the Moby wrap. I watched a tutorial online and convinced myself it was too complicated for me. I'll have to get a tutorial when I'm in TX so I can think about it for baby 3 (not that there is a baby 3 yet or anything). Crazy how much Ty has changed just since we saw him!

Allison said...

Everyone looks so beautiful in their navy cowboy colors! Kinley and Ty are both getting so big and Kinley's hair is longer every time I see a new pic of her! That natural blonde is to die for! Love you guys and hope to see you soon!