Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Sweet Prayer

I just could NOT let the day go by without documenting this somewhere. Kinley is saying things all the time that I don't want to forget. I guess the blog is the best way to remember them! Some of her favorite phrases lately are:

1) "Thwee Mowuh Minutes" - Not sure where she got this...maybe school? But, basically every time I tell her we need do something (i.e go potty, put on clothes, get ready for bed, etc)...she says "three more minutes" like everything is up for discussion and on her timetable.

2) "No thank you" or " Ok, I will!"- Pretty much ditto to the above...everything is up for discussion like, "its time to eat dinner" or "its time to take a nap." She decides...if she doesn't want to...its no thank you...if she does, it is ok, I will in a high pitch like she is on Kai-Lan.

3) "Sure you can" - More like "shuwuh you can" as in, "can mommy see that remote control?"

4) "Baby Ty is weally upset"- when he is about to start fussing or wants to be held

5) "....So much" - She adds this for emphasis to everything...and I usually love it. Like, "I love you much" or "Thank you much."

6) "I can't believe it!" - she said this when my mom got her 2 princess dresses when Ty was was pretty hilar!

And her sweet prayers...which is what prompted this today. We say prayers before bed every night, before nap, and before meals. She loves it and if we forget...she reminds us. Ben or I will usually pray and then Kinley will tell God who she is thankful for. Sometimes it is logical as in, what friends, family, or teachers she saw that day...and sometimes it is totally random and out of the logical pairings...prayers for dogs or thank yous for certain toys, etc. Today was one of those random days.

She had just gotten out of the shower and was naked in my closet when she randomly closed her eyes, folded her hands and bowed her head...and I quote:

"Thank you God for Matt Matt, Boss, Honey, Uncle Bart, Mommy, Daddy, Baby Ty and thank you for the number 8 and the letter F."

Who knows!? This sounds like Sesame Street..but, we literally have never watched Sesame Street in this house....and you think...maybe she is learning about that in school?....but, this week is the number 2 and the letter H. So, who knows....but, today we are thankful for the number 8 and the letter F.

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carleelane said...

I'm laughing SO hard! Hahaha I love it!! Good stuff, Miss Kinley!