Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kinley's Big Girl Room

I am super excited to finally have Kinley's big girl room done! It has been many weeks of thinking/organizing/project-ing to finally feel finished with her room. She has been sleeping in her big girl bed for about a month now and it truly has been a breeze and totally life-changing for her. She LOVES her bed. My goal was to make her room feel that way for her too and I think I did it. She loves it and wants to show it to everyone. It is so cute. It really feels like a big girl room and not a baby room anymore and it is a little sad but I loved working on it and am thrilled she likes the finished project.

To start off...I did not want to have to re-paint Kinley's room because she has these fabulous striped walls {that I did not do...they were already here when we moved in} and I just love them. Here is an old grainy scanned pic of me preggo with Kinley in her nursery for a little before pic. {on a side note that feels like yesterday and I can't believe I am about to do that again}.

So, my goal was to keep the nursery walls and "big girl" it up a little. Here's the after...

My inspiration came when I finally found this bedspread online at Target. I fell in love with it. I had been dying for a new color {not pink} and a new fun pattern {not striped}. I felt like this one hit the mark.
This is pretty much what Kinley thinks of her bed. It is a BIG big-girl bed. We had a queen in our guest room {soon to be Ty's room} so we just used that instead of storing it and buying a twin or toddler bed. She loves it...lots of relaxing, good sleeping and jumping up and down.
I hung her initials over the bed that we had over her crib.
A few weeks ago Ben and I bought and put together this chest from ikea. I love it. It is huge and holds almost all Kinley's clothes. We put the entire thing together in one evening and my favorite thing is the yellow striped lined drawers. No one sees it, but so cute!
The mirror is one I bought at Marshalls a couple years ago for our guest room. I was excited to use it again. The chandelier is one we got before Kinley was born for her nursery from Pottery Barn Kids. At Ben's insistence we moved it from the corner it was previously in so that it wouldn't be over her bed. I am glad we did because I like that you can see it right when you walk in the room.

A necessity in our rooms is blackout curtains. My first sewing project ever was to sew some material onto pre-made blackout curtains for Kinley's nursery. It was so fun to learn to sew with Jen but they ended up about ten inches too short and I have hated them ever since. I found this fabulous fabric at Joanns for 40% off and made some adjustments to my previous curtains. I made the length correct, added a 4" hem, exchanged the rod and clips and viola....new blackout curtains that I love!

The wall collage was the last thing I did. A huge thanks to katie grant who helped me for hours to decide how i should organize all this into one collage. What I was missing was a great center focal point for the wall and I found a fantastic mirror at Marshalls that just hit the spot. I love the color and shape and I just knew I wanted a wall collage centered around it.
I hung this canvas that I painted in college over the mirror. I painted this scripture from Psalm 139 when I was going through a huge self-image and eating disorder struggle. I always want Kinley to remember that she is beautiful because God made her that way and that He alone is the maker of all beautiful things.
Everything else that makes up the collage I just had around my house in different places. The painted K my friend Lauryn transformed for Kinley's K is for Kinley 1st Birthday Party. The crosses are some I got when she was born. The princess crown frame I got in college from my sweet roomie/bestie Lindsay Barry. The boxes I bought at a vintage store in Lansing, MI when we lived there for baseball. I love that it is a hodge-podge of things I have collected over time.
Overall, I think the room turned out great. I hope Kinley feels comfortable and safe in this room and knows how loved she is. She is our big girl now and is so soon to be a big sister. I know she will be amazing.


Honey said...

Kinley's room is awesome! SHE is awesome! YOU are awesome! Love you

Camila said...

Love all of this! OK ya'll HAVE to come to Atlanta so Kinley can show Winlon how great the big bed is and you can show me how to make blackout curtains!!

Allison said...

I love the big girl room! Everything looks great! I love the bedding you got her. Those colors are so fun! Can't wait for Kinley to give me a tour:)

kristen said...

amazing!!! i lOVE everything about that room!! its gorgeous for a gorgeous girl!! avery said that she wishes we could go see it!! we are coming asap!!!

Kelsey said...

Lindsay, I LOVE everything about Kinley's room! You are one impressive decorator. Your blog is one of my absolute favorites to read. I'm so thankful to have a connection to your sweet family through my dad!

Nina said...

I love it! Totally with you on the bedding and I love the crosses and the canvas. How special that you made it and now she can have it in her room! Can't wait to see it in person :)