Monday, July 18, 2011

Family Dinner and Playdates

This weekend was pretty low-key after the late night Harry Potter adventure that I had on Thursday. It was so nice to just be home and get a few "summer cleaning" projects out of the way. I am nesting majorly right now and can't help but clean out closets, filing drawers, our desk, or pretty much anything that is totally unseen and not really that necessary right now. Is Ty's room still a disaster / work in progress?...yes. Is Kinley's room still unfinished?...yes. But, those are not the things I have been working on for some reason.

Anyway, Sunday night was much more fun because we had a Harrison Family/Friends dinner like we haven't had in a while. We had lots of fun friends and family come over and it was nice to just swim, relax, eat and catch up.
Kinley got her cheese face back for the camera. I missed it and I am so glad to have it back.
We kept laughing at her because she wanted to eat her apples with this K-State koozie on her hand like a glove. She does march to the beat of her own drum.

Then, we started the week off with a good Katie and Annabelle Grace playdate. It is so fun that Mendy and Katie both kept Annabelle Grace this summer. I will really miss our playdates when Katie starts school in a couple weeks. Today we went to JumpZone for the girls to jump around and then since I had to stop by Joann's for some fabric (project coming soon) we also stopped in PetCo to look at the animals. The girls loved that.

I love this face of Kinley's looking at the parakeets. And look at that mullet...both are hilar. I wish I would just give her a good haircut..but, I can't seem to chop off all she has spent 2 years to grow! Maybe Ty will be born with a ton of hair. That just wouldn't be fair, right!?

We finished the day at Jason's Deli, where there were many cheese faces. Love it!
Hope your week is starting off fun too!


Anonymous said...

Lindsay! I need to email you. Two things: planning Cooper's first birthday and crazy girls who don't eat. Can you send me your email address please?

Camila said...

You have a gorgeous baby girl! Don't cut that hair! She's worked too hard for it!!

Leanne and Brian said...

Haha...I love your comment about her hair because Brileys is the same way! Its a super mullet, but like you said it took so long to grow, I can't bare to cut it! I will say...Colt has a ton of hair. At 8 mo, I could put a ponytail on that boy. NOT FAIR. We miss y'all!! Can't wait for Ty to make his debut! Maybe our boys will play baseball together :)