Saturday, August 28, 2010

swimming lessons

Over the summer Kinley took her first session of swimming lessons. We decided with both sets of grandparents having pools and with the lake house it would probably be a good idea. We started late into the 12 week session and had to miss 2 more lessons...but, it was so worth it! For each session we went, Kinley gained another second of breath control under the water and now can hold her breath 6 seconds. We took Waterbabies lessons at Emler in Southlake and we really loved it. The teachers are so patient and sweet. We made some other friends in the class and it was just fun to go every wednesday morning and swim together. She "graduated" from her class last week and got a cool t-shirt and a ribbon and now she just loves to swim all the time! I am SO going to miss the lessons and really want to take them this fall/winter session too. I just haven't decided 100% yet. She still has so much to learn! Here are a few pics and a quick video of her swimming at Honey & Boss's.
Crazy "cheesy" baby, more like "Popeye" face...
Her t-shirt says "I rule the pool"


Honey said...

She's swimming like a little cheesy fish! So proud! I vote to keep taking lessons. :)

kristen said...

love that baby girl!! so fun to see you guys tonight. miss you already. love you.

Jan said...

Just look at her kick those legs. That's amazing! Good job Kinley!!! She is a cheesy fish! LOL

Allison said...

Kinley! You need to teach Ella how to swim like you! I love that you are a water baby!

Allison said...

Ella loves watching this video!