Saturday, August 14, 2010

out-of-towners dinner

Thursday night Ben and I had the absolute JOY of having a last minute dinner party! Bart and Olivia were driving through town for one night (from California...then one night....then to Austin...then Dallas again...then back to Boston) they are just crazy travelers...Matt came in town one night too before leaving for Scott's family fishing trip bachelor party....and our sweet friends from Ben's Blue Jay days, Lisa & Chris Reddout, were also driving through for the night! Because it all came together so quickly on Thursday...of course, I did not cook anything. So, we borrowed a couple bottles of wine from my parents, who were out of town, ordered Saviano's, watched the Cowboys pre-season game and called it a night.


It was so, so fun to have everyone! They even came bearing gifts! Lisa brought some keepsakes from her childhood for me to look at that are definitely my next project. They are so cute and totally need to be duplicated...I will keep you posted on that. Also, Bart and Olivia brought this amazing T-shirt for Kinley from Las Vegas and she absolutely LOVED it! Not kidding, she put it directly on over her dress, wore it all night, slept in it, and wore it the next day. She just kept looking down and pointing at her t-shirt for Princess Tiana. We watch Princess and the Frog like, she just loved it.

Bart decided he wanted his hair cut (what a cute shirt he is wearing!) and I think Ben did a great job! Kinley loved playing with her uncles and has learned to just cheese it up for the they kept asking her to do funny.
Thanks for coming in town guys! We love you all!


kristen said...

how cute are those matching haircuts!! i love it bart and kinley! and everyone over is so fun. i bet it was so fun to see everyone!! tell matt and lisa and b&o we said hi!!

Jan said...

Too cute! I miss Bart and Olivia!!!

Itzusa said...

Liked your blog.

Pinstackbowl said...

Liked your blog. Those matching haircuts are really very cute.