Friday, January 26, 2018

Talent Show

Since the Christmas Eve services when Kinley and As;lynn saw Carlee and Kate sing "Sisters" from White Christmas,

they had been performing and choreographing it nonstop together.

When the Talent Show came around, they decided pretty quickly they wanted to perform "Sisters" together too.
 They practiced a few times, divided up the parts and ordered their own blue dresses and fans.

It was Kinley's first Talent Show performance and she had a blast doing it with Aslynn.
They were precious and I could not get enough of watching them.
 They just lit up the stage and had a blast together.
They had 2 performances. One for the school in the morning and one in the evening.

This is the link to the video that was done by the school.
Scroll to 6:00 minutes to watch Kinley and Aslynn's morning performance.

  OCT Talent Show

Watching the rest of their peers in the show. 
Talent show
 Little ones patiently watching this performance for the 100th time. 
They now know every word of this song by heart too.
 Talent show
 A couple of pics after on the stage.
So proud of these girls!
Talent show Talent show Talent show
 Headed back to class
Talent show
 Love my girl.
Talent show

The Talent Show display booth at the front of the school
Talent show Talent show 

After school, I took the girls to Sweet & Sassy for some performance hair and makeup (which we promptly toned down) and they couldn't resist the stage to put on a show. 
Talent show 
Had a few sweet visitors for the evening show!
 Talent show Talent show Talent show Talent show 
I love how this experience gave Kinley such confidence and joy and support for all her peers too. 
 It was so much fun!

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