Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas parties galore

Ben and I spent one night the first weekend in December in Austin for the RigUp Christmas party
Ben had to be in meetings all day so I spent the day relaxing, shopping and just enjoying some alone time.
 Dec 2017 - part 1 Dec 2017 - part 1 
 Fun times with friends and in a two headed sweater together. 
There's no one else I would rather be stuck together with for life than my man. 
Dec 2017 - part 1 Dec 2017 - part 1 

We had our high school girls annual holiday party at Meredith's house. 
We stayed up way to late and laughed more than I do all year. 
 It's SO much fun. 
Each year we do a gift exchange themed around a letter of the alphabet. 
This year was the letter 'B' and Katy went home with a beta fish named Beyonce. 
Dec 2017 - part 2 Dec 2017 - part 2 

We had the Compass Staff and Elder party in Dallas. 
We love our church and love seeing all the growth and stories of faith that are celebrated each year. We carpooled out there with Ali and Eric. 
 It was pretty much our mission to take as many ridiculous pictures as possible. 
Dec 2017 - part 4 Dec 2017 - part 4 Dec 2017 - part 4 Dec 2017 - part 4 
Let's sit on a teeny-tiny bench and hold all the props around it (i.e. street light, tree, blanket, poinsettia) 
Dec 2017 - part 4 Dec 2017 - part 4 
Worship Team pic 
Dec 2017 - part 4 

School Christmas parties!  
Dylan - Threes Turtles Class Christmas Party
 Dec 2017 - part 4 Dec 2017 - part 4 Dec 2017 - part 4 
Singing a song with their jingle bells on the rug
 Dec 2017 - part 4 
Mrs. Mitzi and Mrs. Vicki 
Untitled Untitled 

Ty - Kindergarten Christmas Party
Mrs. Richardson
 Untitled Untitled Untitled 

 Kinley - Third Grade Christmas Party
Mrs. Dagger 
Untitled Untitled 
One of my favorite school party games I have ever seen. Create a snowman with toilet paper competition. 
Untitled Untitled 
When parties are at the same time, Dad and I divide and conquer 

 Adults only tacky Christmas Sweater party at the Lindsey's Family....with our very own Cousin Eddie Uncle Alex 
Dec 2017 - part 4 
 Dec 2017 - part 4 Dec 2017 - part 4 Dec 2017 - part 4 
Dec 2017 - part 4 
Group pic 
Dec 2017 - part 4 
We have the most fun friends who never take themselves too seriously!

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