Friday, June 30, 2017

Family Lake Weekend

The last weekend in June we went to the lake with JUST our immediate family of 5 and it was just amazing. After a crazy month going here, there and everywhere all-day, every-day, this is just what we needed.
 Fun, peaceful, family time. 
We are pretty social and our lives are busy but, when we get some time to just steal away and isolate and insulate ourselves from everything, it just brings JOY to my soul. 
We have lots of boat time
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Dylan LOVES to drive the boat with Ben and loves tubing. 
I am the nervous one that tells Ben to keep it slower while my 2 year old is on. 
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Ben and I read books on the dock during rest time and just played cards or talked for hours late into the night. Nighttime "baths" off the dock are our favorite too. July

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Our other dock-sitting companion
 Love my little lap buddy on the dock too :)
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He's pretty fearless at the lake too. Gotta keep a close eye on him :) July

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