Saturday, September 10, 2016

Ty & Dylan's 5th and 2nd Car Themed Pool Party

We had a joint birthday party for the boys this year between both of their birthdays.
My mom graciously mentioned to Ty one day that if he wanted a pool party he could have one at her house and he did not forget it.
He was so excited to have a pool party.

I wasn't going to really go for a theme at all until we went to dinner at Hwy55 one evening for dinner and the kids had those vintage car kids meals and both boys unanimously agreed they wanted a "car" theme.
Not really vintage, or racecar, or trucks, or the movie cars...just cars in general.

I did very little with the car theme except, of course, make a cardboard car cut out and order some car-theme inflatables to float in the pool.
IMG_0402 IMG_0403 IMG_9359
But I DID force Mendy to make TWO car cakes... one for each boy.
IMG_9368 IMG_9370
Isn't she amazing!?!

I went to Hwy55 and got some vintage car kids meal car boxes that inspired the party and hung some checkered flag bunting.
IMG_9356 IMG_9363
The kids could keep their vintage cardboard car and got a matchbox car for party favors.

For food, Ben grilled some hot dogs and we had chips and dip and veggies that could easily go into the kids meal cars.
IMG_9412 IMG_9355 IMG_9398 IMG_9427

We also charged up the power wheels for party entertainment fun too.
IMG_0443 IMG_0469 IMG_0474 IMG_0471 IMG_9497 IMG_9494 IMG_9408
More party pics...
IMG_9384 IMG_9419 IMG_9517 IMG_9402 IMG_9439 IMG_9453 IMG_9480 IMG_9485
Some car photo booth pics...
IMG_9395 IMG_9519 IMG_0455 
This was deemed the "dad corner" 
IMG_9400 IMG_9451 IMG_9449 
Not the best picture but, I love these boys. 

We all wore our Celebrate Always party shirts for cake. 
IMG_9465 IMG_9461 IMG_9462 IMG_9473 

It was a great party celebrating my boys!
Thanks so much to everyone who came to celebrate. 
It was so fun!

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