Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mavs Game

Ben and I went to our first Mavericks game!  
It has been something that Ben's friends, Ryan and Ross, have been giving him a very hard time about for a while now. 
 They have tried to suprise him with Mavs tickets and kidnap him to Mavs games a few times and this time our friend Mike delivered an awesome box for a game that pretty much no one else wanted to see. It was awesome. Such a fun night with friends. We got to go see the Mavs and finally watch Dirk in person. 
First Mavericks game 
 First Mavericks game 
These boys...they bring out the Ben that will wear the full on Mavs sleeve
 First Mavericks game First Mavericks game 
Lindsey and I missed our Girls Night Out with our small group that night but we texted them a selfie because we missed them so. 
First Mavericks game 
First Mavericks game First Mavericks game First Mavericks game Love my man!
 First Mavericks game

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