Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sleepover at Aunt Minnie and Uncle Alex's

A couple weeks ago Mendy called me to ask if she thought it would be ok if the kids came over Friday night to their house for a sleepover.
 Just voluntarily asking for my kids overnight!
 I mean, is that amazing or what!? I wanted to jump on board immediately but told her I would talk to Ben and let her know.
 We have traveled alone without our kids and they have stayed at our house without us on a few occasions with our parents but, my kids have never, ever slept over without us at anyone's house.
 This would be their first sleepover ever!
 I knew Ty would be fine. He is a great sleeper and just put him in his pack in play and he will sleep all night anywhere. I knew Kinley would have a blast playing but, was a little nervous about bedtime for her. But, I just asked her if she wanted to go sleep over at Aunt Minnie and Uncle Alex's without mom and dad and she said yes, yes, yes!
  Ben and I really didn't have anything fun planned but, we ended up going to dinner at Patrick and Michael's new restaurant Barter in Dallas with my family and just sleeping all night at home and sleeping in.
 It was amazing.
 And even though, we all had a blast, I think Kinley and Ty had the most. fun. ever.
Mendy and Alex had activity after activity planned for these kids. They planned on rainbow spaghetti for dinner which the kids apparently loved making. She had cooked noodles all ready in different ziplock sacks with different food coloring that they could shake up. Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
Alex performed some juggling tricks for dinnertime entertainment. Untitled
Then, the set up their fireplace as a stage for Kinley because she loves putting on fireplace shows. She made sure to bring her dorothy costume this time so she could perform Wizard of Oz with Brinkley as Toto.
 They busted out the nail polish, because that is something special between Minnie and Kinley.
 But, I think Uncle Alex got his first manicure too.
Untitled UntitledUntitled Untitled
They went outside in the dark and shot off these glow in the dark helicopter things that the kids chased all over the yard.
Ty went right to bed and Kinley fell asleep watching a movie with Minnie.
 It was just the perfect night! I know they will be wanting sleepovers at Alex and Minnies again and again.
 Thank you so much guys for the pictures and for loving my kids and just wanting to hang out with them. It means so much to us.


Jan said...

Super super cool!!!

kristen said...

I MEAN!! Best aunt and uncle ever oh my gosh! how fun is that?!