Sunday, January 19, 2014

Black and White Bunco

I have been a part of a Bunco group for about a year now. 
 I started going as a sub with Lindsey and Leslie long before I was a member and I have just grown to love all the girls so much. There are 12 girls in it and we rotate each month to a different girls house. 
 I am not sure when we started doing theme bunco nights..but, it has been a recurring trend this past year. 
 We have had 80's night, pajama night, team jersey night, etc. 
 I decided on Black and White Bunco night simply because Bunco involves dice and it was easy. 
 Everyone dressed in black and white and brought black and white food. 

I served chicken tacos with white flour and corn tortillas and black beans and everyone else really got on board with the black and white food theme too. 
 We had blanca queso, hohos, dark and white chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate cake balls, white wine, etc. 
 And dressing black and white was super easy because everyone had something on hand in their closet that went perfect. 

 Of course, I had to bust out my big chalkboard for the occasion because it just fit the theme perfect!    IMG_9442 Untitled 
There are so, so, so many black and white patterns out there. 
 I am not usually one for zebra but, I went over the top with zebra print for this party. I loved it with polka dots and chevron and stripes. 
 It was so fun! 
IMG_9443 IMG_9445 
I printed out these dice templates from the internet on cardstock and filled them with black and white m&m's for each girl to take home. 
IMG_9462 IMG_9473
I got up in the attic and brought down some chinese lanterns and polka dot pinwheels that I had. I filled mason jars with marshmallows for centerpieces and I printed off more dice to string for a banner on the fireplace. 
IMG_9451 IMG_9452 IMG_9461 
Whoever gets a "Big Bunco" during the evening has to wear something from our box of flare. 
 There are boas, tiaras, and lots of silly things. 
 I bought these black and silver top hats for our Big Bunco girls that night and all of them were put to good use! 
I loved this so perfectly. 

Gary and Cheryl kept the kids for me while everyone was at my house and when they came in for the night, Ty could not get enough of the pinwheels. 
 His face was so serious. 
I am so glad we got a group picture (plus Kinley and Ty). 
 It was the only night in maybe a year that every single girl could come and we had no subs or phantom stuffed animal players. 
 It was so fun! IMG_9480

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Allison said...

SO much fun! I love a game night and a theme so this is a dream!