Wednesday, September 4, 2013

As summer ends...

Most people have started school by now but we are soaking up our last few days of summer and loving it. Here are a few things in the past couple weeks that haven't made it to the blog yet. 
 We've been playing with neighbors as much as possible. 
 Lately AG and Kinley have been very into "doing their makeup and hair" which basically means they coat as much color on their face and hair gel in their hair as possible. I pretty much immediately make her shower down....gross....but, they feel like princesses.
sweet Maddi...this jumper was Kinley's once. 
 I think the pass-down train is...Kinley, AG, Guiliana, Maddi...Payton is next! Untitled 
Mav loves a good princess dress still... Untitled 
And here is a "wedding" we are witnessing...not sure who is getting married??? Untitled Untitled 
the "babies" are getting so BIG! Untitled

Leslie hosted 80's Bunco one night and we lived it up. How fun to be an adult in the 80's...crazy hair, clothes, instant technology...we only wish!
My genuine 80's-mom outfit courtesy of Jen Fogle's mom's closet...jealous!? Untitled 
I made rainbow fruit kabobs as my treat. 
 I decided these are a must for St. Patty's Day with a little bowl of gold chocolates at the bottom.
semi-group shot... Untitled 

Playgroup one day at the Gateway indoor play area Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled 

My favorite thing ever is just hearing my kids play together around our house.  They have such a great time together and are together 24/7 during the summer months.  I am a little sad they will have to separate during the school year.

Here they are going for a "train ride" Untitled kinley pushing ty in the baby stroller Untitled 
Eating breakfast in bumbos and sharing one tray.
Some late night ice cream and silly faces with my girl. Untitled Ty busted out his art skills all over his legs and loved it. Untitled we've been prepping for school and I finally got Ty's napmat done.
 Just need to have it monogrammed.
  Untitled Untitled
I should have made it double-wide to hold these two together with their crazy morning hair.
 We went to see Rocking Snow White at Artie's. I really think me, mom and Lindsey just tagged along on Kinley and Mav's date. Untitled Untitled
blurry pic...but, look how happy she is dancing at the end! Untitled
this girl pulled off the perfect Disney Princess voice Untitled
Artie the Monkey!
Honey's first Artie's glad she could come! Untitled

Ella and McKenna came over one day to play...they girls did lots of makeup... my bathroom rug still looks like this...just because I am lazy and haven't washed it yet....and it's just evidence of a great time.
9677807532_1f2e4f3ed2_o Untitled And Kenna and Ty were precious together as usual.
There is also lots of party prep going on around here for Ty's 2nd birthday.  More on that later.  I really cannot believe my baby is about to be two years old and is about to start school!  Crazy.
This is our very last weekend of summer 

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