Thursday, July 12, 2012

Good Girl Zoo Trip

Yesterday Kinley filled up her good girl jar to the top! 
Her reward was that we got to got to the zoo!  The Fogles came with us and it was such a fun day! 
Kinley was in heaven hanging with Eden all day. 
We are closing in on the day that they have to move away.  It is coming very soon and I am just dreading it.  It is just so sweet to see these girls as friends.  They are so innocent and totally get each other.  Kinley can be over the top and jump up and down excited about something so small and Eden just jumps right on in with it and acts like is the best thing she has ever heard.

They wanted to hold hands all day to every exhibit they saw. 
kinley & eden holding hands kinley & eden holding hands2
All the sudden Jen and I heard them yelling back and forth and we determined that they had created the zoo version of marco polo and Kinley would yell "Hakuna!" and Eden would yell "Matata!" all the way through the African Safari animals. 
They had smiles from ear to ear and it just melted my heart.
Kinley & eden looking at zoo Kinley & eden on train
These boys also steal my heart.  They were so great and were happy the whole hot, humid day. 
I accidentally called them "tramps"  which in my head was a cross between "troopers" and "champs." 
I kinda love it and might use it from now on....feel free to do the same.
Ty on train
And whose boy is this with blond hair and blue eyes...not a Fogle right?!?
Jack on Train
(yes, that is Jen's leg with a large bruise she got from rolling over an is actually TONS better than it're welcome Jen :0)

We may not see a pic like this again for a while.
So, I am so thankful that Kinley was such a good girl that we got to go to the zoo together one last time.
all kids at zoo

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Jan said...

cute girls and cute boys! Kinley told me all about it when I took her swimming. FUN!