Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October phone pics

Here is a little of what we have been up to in October besides pumpkin patches. Lots of phone pics and instagrams... Ty has been really going crazy wanting to walk. He can't quite do it yet but he would prefer to hold my hand and walk than crawl these days, so I assume his independence is coming soon. Eeek! This is us for a walk on the sidewalk on our street one day picking up acorns. ty & acorn2 ty & acorn
We love being outside playing in the front yard since the weather is still not too cold. Kinley has been making playdough ice cream cones. IMG_2592 But, Ty prefers his bottle. IMG_2595 We love spending time in our jammies in the morning cuddling and making silly faces. monkey jammies Kinley silly face
We helped my mom clean out her closet one saturday and she found all these fabulous clip on earrings that Kinley could play with and they were fantastic and she loved them!! IMG_2542 IMG_2537 IMG_2534
We have also been playing the backyard a lot on the slide. Ty is a little obsessed with it right now since he loves to climb and climb and climb and Kinley has been practicing writing her name with sidewalk chalk.
IMG_2518 IMG_2516 IMG_2515 IMG_2521 We spent some time with the Aubrey and Grady this past weekend. We picked up some papa murphy's pizza and brought it home to bake. We love the little murphs pizzas! The girls could spread the sauce and cheese and pepperoni and bake it themselves. And there is matching tattoos when you finish! making pizzas And without knowing it we ended up in matching jammies that night! They loved it. matching jammies
Saturday we went to watch Aubrey's soccer game. She did so great and scored a goal! Kinley has been begging to play soccer after seeeing Ella and Aubrey are playing. I really wanted to take her to a game to see what it was like.
I think she loved it! (despite this silly sun in my eyes face)
aubrey's soccer game
Just a little October yet. Crazy!
Loving this start to the Fall and holiday season!

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Jan said...

Such cute sleepy pics and bed hair!! Ty will be running everywhere soon...not walking I'm sure. So awesome Kinley and Aubrey will grow up being close cousins. Priceless pictures for them to enjoy some day. Love you.