Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the zoo times two

So...I haven't been to the zoo in like years...since Allison's rehersal dinner like almost 6 years ago....but, now I have gone twice in the past week. Really, I can't say enough about the Ft. Worth is fantastic! Someone told me top 5 in the U.S. and I believe it! Wednesday's are half off and so it was just $6 for me and Kinley to spend the afternoon seeing all the animals! This time we went with Kristen, Avery, Ben and Sawyer. I was so excited to go with them because they LOVE animals so much, especially birds. They know how all of them sound. It was a blast watching them get so excited at everything! I wish I had some video to show...I think Kris got was hilarious!
1.27.10 004
The Flamingos were a favorite this time and Avery made the best flamingo noises. 1.27.10 006
1.27.10 013
They all loved the giraffes...
1.27.10 015
and the swans (or geese...whatever these are)
1.27.10 016
Everyone helped Aves feed the fish
1.27.10 018
Sassy's favorite by far was the Parrot Paradise where the parakeets fly around you everywhere
1.27.10 011
Ben is showing us where the elephants are
1.27.10 012
1.27.10 010
1.27.10 020
We had to stop by the flamingos at the end again for everyone.
1.27.10 021
Hope you guys get to take a look at the animals in the Zoo soon too!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Woodland Hills Park

Allison, Kristen and I all grew up in a neighborhood called Woodland Hills. All our parents still live there and it is so much fun now to take all our kids down to the park that we used to go to all the time growing up. Monday Kris and I took the babies to the park in the strollers to play on the playground and feed the ducks. It was so much fun...we just missed Allison and Ella!
1.25.10 004
Barstads on the way to the park!
1.25.10 024
Kinley in her stroller
1.25.10 005
Ben threw his bread like a champ!
1.25.10 006
1.25.10 007
All Kristen's kids know what kind of ducks they are Ben says "Quack, Quack" and Avery says..."Look, its a Mallard!"
1.25.10 009
1.25.10 011
Kinley super excited about the leaves
1.25.10 012
1.25.10 010
Bing (Kris) handing out bread
1.25.10 013
Ben may be trying to stop Kinley from eating a stick off the ground.
1.25.10 014
Kristen and Jeff got engaged in this park on a bridge similar to what is behind her....such memories!
1.25.10 015
Trying to keep Ben and Kinley from getting in the water..hello can't they read the sign!?
1.25.10 019
1.25.10 017
1.25.10 020
1.25.10 022
1.25.10 023

After the park..we drove some tired babies through McDonald's for some ice cream...happy Matching Monday!
1.25.10 025
1.25.10 026

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ft. Forth Zoo

This weekend Mendy and Alex were both in town and they had planned to go to the Ft. Worth Zoo on Sunday and asked us to tag along. It was Kinley's first time at the Zoo and I was not sure at 9 months if she would really care about it at all..but, she just loved it! She was super excited about the mammals...monkeys, tigers, lions, any kind of deer, sheep, etc...but, the birds, fish and reptiles did not interest her as much. When she would see the animals she would just start talking and pointing and kicking her legs. It was so cute!
1.24.10 026
1.24.10 001
Mendy and Alex acting like monkeys on our way to see the monkeys!1.24.10 002
This was disgusting...we saw this monkey catch his own poo in his hands and then crawl up and sit down and eat it.....gross!
1.24.10 003
1.24.10 006
A flamingo pic for Gary
1.24.10 004
1.24.10 007
1.24.10 010
Kinley petting the armadillo in the Texas area
1.24.10 011
Alex, Mendy, Kinley and I weigh the same as 99 chickens, 8.3 goats, or .6 cows!
1.24.10 012
1.24.10 013
Group shot on the crocodile
1.24.10 016
1.24.10 017
Mendy is a turkey vulture and Alex is a bald eagle
1.24.10 019
1.24.10 021
Gorgeous Lion....but, not kidding...this lion came down from the ledge to the edge of his area...looked us right in the eyes and charged at us and growled. I have never seen or experienced that before...terrifying...even though I knew he couldn't get to us. Maybe it was my mother's instinct.
1.24.10 020
Get it...Asian falls..haha!
1.24.10 022
Kinley and Uncle Alex make a cute matching pic!

We loved the zoo and we have another fun zoo trip planned very soon....stay tuned!

An Engagement Party Gift

So, I am so into creating my own gifts lately and last night I went to an engagement party for my friends, David and Ashley. They are getting married this summer and the party was SO much fun! We ate, drank, toasted, watched them open presents and then danced the night away! It was a blast! Wish I had pics from the party...but, instead I have pics of the gift I made them. Ashley said it was their first gift with their new last name :-)

1.24.09 001
First I painted a plain canvas a neutral khaki color (since I am not sure what their home decor will look like)
1.24.09 003
Next, buy a cute frame...
1.24.09 002
then tie a ribbon to the frame...
1.24.09 005
get some self-adhesive vinyl, cut out your design on a Cricut, and press it on the canvas
1.24.09 004
The finished product! Such a great party engagement gift!