Tuesday, October 27, 2009

we have a crawler...part 1

So, Kinley has been working on crawling for the past week or so and she is one determined little girl. It has been a rough week for her teething so much (4 teeth on top coming in at once) and her 6 month shots and not sleeping well....but, I am SO proud of her for working so hard to crawl! I am in the process of a fabulous video montage of her efforts put to song (wait for part 2 of this post tomorrow)...but, I just couldn't go to bed without showing her first crawl! Tonight it just clicked and this video is the first time she actually did it! She crawled like 8 feet from the middle of the room to our dog, Haley. I am so proud of her! Yay Kinley!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

put on your morning robe...

Saturday mornings are our lazy mornings where Kinley gets in bed with us early and we lay there as long as she will stand it...then Ben and I put on our robes...he has a fantastic 'Man Robe' that he loves...and drink coffee, watch TV and just relax. This Saturday, Ben thought Kinley needed to relax in her robe too..so, she did. I love a baby robe! Hope you all have a relaxing day this week and put on your morning robe!

a Harrison weekend

This weekend was full of Harrison fun! We had a blast Friday night celebrating Gram's birthday...Saturday night Kinley hung out with Pops, Gram, Uncle Alex and Mendy while Ben went hunting with Jeff and Kristen and I went to Meredith Hughes' wedding (we had SO much fun seeing tons of CHHS and GHS alum....can't wait for a reunion!!!).....and Sunday we congratulated Alex and Mendy for completing the Monster Sprint Triathalon in Keller.
Kinley is excited for Gram's birthday!
Kinley had SO much fun with the dogs..Bana and Brinkley
She is looking at Alex like he is crazy....and somehow Bana got her nose in there.
She loved Uncle Alex's hat
The birthday girl!! Happy birthday Cheryl!
Mendy and Alex are great babysitters!
Finishing Swim and about to Bike
Alex is telling us in his face how his body feels.
Yay for the Triathaloners!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Coach Harden

Tonight we went to the Colleyville Middle School football games to watch my cousin Josh coach. He is such a fantastic role model and a great coach. I know his students look up to him so much and love having him as a teacher, coach, and mentor. What an amazing godly example for those boys! Great job Josh! We love you! We also got to see baby Luke and Natalie! It was so weird for Kinley to be the big girl around Luke. However, "big" girl is a relative term as Luke is huge! He is almost bigger than Kinley already! It is amazing! He ate like 3 times in the hour and a half we were there. Hilarious!
Good ole CMS sweatshirt from Ben's track days in middle school! He knew it would come in handy again some day!
Kinley was SO excited to see Luke!
Who's bigger???
She was trying to hug him...but, he looks a little terrified!
Coach Harden!
Kristy and Natalie and....
bet you would never know there is a baby Luke under there....eating AGAIN!

fall cookies

Monday was a fun activity day for Kinley, Eden, Jen and I and we decided to make some Fall cookies! We went a little overboard and ended up with about 6 or 7 dozen! We made some sugar cut-out cookies with fun icing, oatmeal chocolate chip, and some oatmeal butterscotch...the oatmeal butterscotch are perfect for fall and always remind me of college when Kristen would make them and I would eat dozens at a time. Kristen's are WAY better than mine...but, I can always attempt. Eden had a blast with the cookie cutters and the flour. Kinley was a great little helper from the floor.
My fantastic apron Lauryn made me for my birthday this year! So cute and thoughtful!!
The finished decorated cookies! Pumpkins, leaves, and those are a turkeys, in case you can't tell. Ben said they looked like ghosts...sad day.
Kinley is ready to Trick or Treat in this fantastic shirt that matches Ella, Avery, Sawyer and Ben! Wish ya'll were here for Matching Monday!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Big Tex...

This weekend is the last weekend of the State Fair this year and also happens to be Texas/OU weekend. Being an Aggie myself, I have not participated in this dreaded event before...but, I have to admit...it was a BLAST! So many people and so much fun tonight. I can't remember the last time I went to the State Fair. I think I was about 10 or 11 and helped my cousins, the Hardens, hold some of their chickens for a chicken show....that's right, you heard it! So, 2 turkey legs, 1 cheeseburger, 1 fajita, fried smores, fried cookie dough, 3 margaritas, 2 beers, and 4 FRIED BUTTERS later......Ben, Kinley, Jen, Matt, and Eden and I were holding our stomachs back to the car. If you can't tell...the Fried Butter was amazing!!! It is actually a biscuit that they put a ton of butter in and then fry...the best thing on earth. Here are some pics of the night.

And P.S. - the orange jacket does not mean I am in total support of the Longhorns...I am just an Aggie who happens to own an orange fall jacket (but, I would much rather them win tomorrow than OU)!!
The children's animal barnyard was SO fun...the baby goats were adorable!
They had a giraffe!
I don't normally post these obscene pics...but, wow...Boris III is huge!!!
Red River Rivalry
Turkey Leg #1
Turkey Leg #2
Turns out the BOB can hold adults too!
Big Tex is HUGE!
Yay for the State Fair! Can't wait till next year!