Monday, February 27, 2017


Quick wrap up of February fun!
I "trained" and ran the Hot Chocolake 15K in Dallas.
It is one of my favorite races. I  have determined that I pretty much only like to run races in the fall and winter.
It's just too hot in Texas otherwise.
This one was perfect and the running buddies were even better.
February 2017
Doesn't matter when we really finish, we all just run back to and get each other to cross the finish line together.  Stacee beats us all by a landslide. 
She is so fast.
February 2017 February 2017

The same day as the Hot Chocolate race was Monster Truck Jam at ATT Stadium.
This was a last minute purchase by Ben and I for some family fun and it did NOT disappoint. We will probably go to this every year now, it was SO fun. We had super high cheap seats but we did get a pit pass and go see the trucks up close and personal before the show.
We didn't know much about Monster Jam going in but we've learned a lot since then about the trucks, drivers, the tour and the whole sport of Monster Truck driving. It is pretty cool.
Kinley loved it even as much as Ty and Dylan. She got super into the "fan vote" aspect of the show and used my phone the whole time to score with the judges.
Next year we want to go with group sales and get some closer seats!
February 2017 Untitled February 2017 February 2017
The Scooby-Doo truck had the only female driver. Kinley wanted a picture. February 2017
Our resident Monster Jam experts, Sean Ryan and Leslie.
February 2017
Saw the Rowntrees in the pit too! Love these sweet friends.
February 2017 February 2017 February 2017 February 2017 February 2017
Why are kids in these noice cancelling headphones so cute!?
February 2017 February 2017 February 2017

It is so nice to be able to just go play outside in February.
Love our evening walks and car rides in our neighborhood.
February 2017 February 2017

SuperBowl party at the Harig's again this year.
Even though the Cowboys weren't playing, Dylan and Ryder still had to represent.
February 2017

One of Olivia's last weeks of maternity leave, we took a girls trip to Magnolia Market during a school day. We missed Kinley and Sandy, who couldn't get off work, but we had so much fun!
February 2017 February 2017 February 2017 February 2017

One of the gifts I brought back for the kids from Magnolia was an egg collector apron.
We have put this thing to use! That week we found a secret little egg nest that one of our chickens was keeping in the yard and we had to gather those eggs up to stop the egg-laying in the yard.
February 2017 Untitled February 2017

Also in February, Uncle Alex got baptized at church!
Aunt Minnie got to baptize him and it was so special! All of her family came in town and we had so much fun celebrating with Alex!
Untitled Untitled Untitled
One of Ty and Lucy in church

Just one cute morning with my crazies. Because I love them.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Valentine's parties were both on the actual day this year but at different times and since I wasn't allowed at Dylan's, I got to go to 2 of 2 parties with my kids.
Win-Win! Loved celebrating the day of love with my little loves.
Little treats at breakfast for all!
February 2017
Ty's party
February 2017 February 2017
Kinley's party
February 2017 February 2017 Untitled February 2017

We had to bring Cannon a little valentine treat too.
Love these four together.
February 2017