Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Weekend Fun - The theatre, birthdays and Boo at the zoo!

We have definitely become Artie's regulars over the past few months. We will without a doubt be purchasing season tickets in 2014. Kinley absolutely loves going to the shows and this month I decided to take Ty also with us to see Blues Clues!
I have only taken Ty to one other one before and it was when he was very young and much less mobile. Since then, it has mainly been just Kinley. But, this show was supposed to be very audience interactive and I thought it would be a great one to re-introduce him with. As always, it was a blast and I loved having both of them with me.
Sweet brothers behind their sisters...
IMG_7091 IMG_7137
We tried for a group pic at the end but everyone was not a fan...
By far everyone's favorite part is dancing with and meeting the cast at the end of the play.
IMG_7102 IMG_7118 IMG_7123 IMG_7135
Mom decided to step up our theatre-going a notch by getting her, Kinley and I tickets to Casa Manana's production of Dora's Pirate Adventure! Let me tell you...this was like the kids version of Broadway. I am so glad we have gone to Artie's so much because going to the theatre was so easy for Kinley. I remember her first Artie's experience when she was terrified to even step foot in the theatre and she has come a LONG way. She is not scared at all now. She just watched with amazement and waved her little pirate flag when she was supposed to. She is not as into Dora now as she used to be but she just lit up when she saw the characters on stage. I am a little bummed Ty didn't make it to this one.  He would have LOVED it and known every song.
  IMG_7451 IMG_7454 IMG_7459 IMG_7463 IMG_7476
It was an extra special show for us because Kristen, Avery, Ben, Sassy and Minnie went to see it too! Our seats were not together but we hung out before the show and during intermission. IMG_7456 IMG_7471 IMG_7479 IMG_7484
Of course we all had to meet Dora herself after the show too..
After giving our best pirate impression we all headed out and had some Dairy Queen blizzards to end the afternoon. The whole day was just so fun. We can't wait to do it again!
IMG_7493 IMG_7503 IMG_7501
In other weekend fun.....
Ryland turned two and had the cutest dinosaur party! Stacee is amazing with party details, details, details.  I mean, look at these dinosaur tails for party favors...what!? Untitled Untitled
And this SO cute background for pics...Kinley and Ty giving their best Roars! Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
There was dinosaur fossil digging, pinatas, the cutest food ever..and more! Untitled Untitled
Precious Birthday Boy!
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
Another attempt at a group pic... Untitled
Speaking of birthdays...Gram just had one too!
  We decided to have a Harrison family dinner at our house. I wanted to make it a little special so we strung some birthday garland and signs, busted out our birthday girl glass, and wrote happy birthday Gram on our chalkboard painted pumpkins. I also asked everyone in the family and had them tell me something they loved about Cheryl and Ben, Kinley and I wrote it on our big chalkboard. The responses were so personal and sweet.
I think Cheryl just loved it.
IMG_7338 IMG_7392 IMG_7393 IMG_7353 IMG_7359
This past weekend we went with some playgroup friends to Boo at the Zoo. We all dressed in costume, loved seeing the animals and playing some carnival games for candy. IMG_7395 IMG_7398
Belle and Bowie are always the biggest hit IMG_7403 IMG_7405 IMG_7409 IMG_7407 IMG_7411 IMG_7414 IMG_7416
Attempt for a group pic... IMG_7423 IMG_7445 This boy didn't want to wear Buzz to the zoo...but, he did love the candy! IMG_7436 IMG_7441
Let's cross our fingers that Ty is game for wearing his costume for Halloween!