Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

For Halloween this year our kids decided to solve crimes in public and in secret.
Kinley was super inspired by her Girl Scout trip to the Police Station...and maybe a little bit by Zootopia, that she decided to be a "cute cop."
For the second year in a row, Ty wanted to be a Ninja but, we actually purchased a costume instead of just wearing black long-undewear like we did last year.
Poor Dylan.. he just goes along with the theme.
We borrowed a police costume from Ryland and it might have been my favorite thing ever. The built in abs are to die for.

And just because he's too darn's Cannon in his lobster costume.

We went to the Compass Fall Carnival and met at Gary & Cheryl's to walk over like we usually do. Alex, Mendy & Cannon went to the carnival for a little while too and Mendy got the cutest pics with her camera before we all went.
IMG_2254 IMG_2298
I can't deal with the cuteness
IMG_2292 IMG_2320 IMG_2346

So clever. My celebrate-always Halloween koozie.
Carnival fun
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After the Carnival, back at Pops and Grams for a little while. Pops had decorated for Halloween and this electronic, dead rat was the biggest hit.
Kinley and her selfies

For the second year in a row, on the day of Halloween, Kinley has changed her mind about her costume. She wanted to join Ty and be a ninja so we did our best makeshift Ninja girl with what we had on hand at home.
I think her favorite thing was her makeup.
Sweet Dylan got thrown onto this bandwagon too so...goodbye cute muscle cop and hello DIY ninja #3

We trick or treated in the Nordells neighborhood again.
They have great, younger neighbors that love to hand out Halloween candy.
It is really the best place to go!
We had a potluck dinner and lots of candy. IT was so fun!
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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Visit to the Farm

We took a weekend to visit the Farm in October.
We didn't know it then, but it probably ended up being the last time we would stay at Inie's house in Simms.
Such a bitter sweet realization since that's the only house I know of for Inie and Bull my entire life.
So thankful we took time to play on her property and visit the pond.
Dylan's "silly face" - AKA he raises 2 fingers
IMG_1128 IMG_1119
We all wore our Flying H gear to visit the farm for the day.
IMG_0946 IMG_0956
Inside a grain bin
IMG_1093 IMG_0941 IMG_1028
Family selfie on the Ranger
IMG_1115 IMG_0962
Kinley took her first turn driving the four wheeler.
She did a great job!
IMG_0967 IMG_0970 IMG_0976 IMG_0981 IMG_0996
America Ninja Warrior - Farm syle...the hay bale run
IMG_1104 IMG_1099
Ben's version of heaven on earth...
IMG_1106 IMG_1110
Evidence of a good day at the farm...
Loving on Inie before bedtime
We loved going with Inie to church and taking her out to lunch at the Junction.
We are so thankful that Inie is moving closer to us soon so we can visit her much more often.