Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Party on Garth (Brooks)

The day after Matt & Sandy's wedding Ben and I got to go see Garth Brooks! 
 It has been 5 years almost since I last saw him in Vegas. It was an epic time you can read about it here
 There were not any arrests or holdings or illegal ticket sales or inquiries by the cops this time but, it was just as epic. 
 My favorite concert ever. 
 I never want to see Garth without these guys.
We made shirts last time too, but these by Celebrate-Always were perfection. 
But, I did love that Ben got to come this time.
And Aunt Minnie & Uncle Alex IMG_3486
Keep touring Garth, we will come back every time. 
IMG_3478 IMG_3480 IMG_3493

Monday, September 21, 2015


Matt & Sandy's wedding weekend was just so much fun! 
 The week was busy with lots of getting ready appointments and wedding crafts. 
I helped mom with rehearsal dinner placecards and Ben and I made a few things for Sandy that she requested for the wedding. 
 One was a cute wooden sign painted with a phrase about where guests should sit and another was a standing photo booth for guests to use with props that related to Matt & Sandy. 
Ben did lots of work for these with his woodworking skills.
  IMG_3194 IMG_3185 IMG_3205 
Rehearsal dinner night was at Meso Maya in downtown Dallas and it was a great party. The food was delicious, everyone was beautiful, there was a precious slideshow, and the speeches are just my favorite part. I loved hearing everyone talk about Matt and Sandy and how much they loved them and how perfect they are together. 
How gorgeous are they!? - Bride and Groom Matt & Sandy's Rehersal Dinner IMG_3213 
Mendy took all the pics, like always, and did a great job and that's why I have lots of rehearsal dinner pics. There are SO many more but I just picked a few for the blog.
My baby brother about to get married! 
Matt & Sandy's Rehersal Dinner Matt & Sandy's Rehersal Dinner Matt & Sandy's Rehersal Dinner Matt & Sandy's Rehersal Dinner Matt & Sandy's Rehersal Dinner Matt & Sandy's Rehersal Dinner Matt & Sandy's Rehersal Dinner Matt & Sandy's Rehersal Dinner Matt & Sandy's Rehersal Dinner 
We have to make sure Mendy gets in a few also. 
IMG_3208 Matt & Sandy's Rehersal Dinner 
My Family pic
  Matt & Sandy's Rehersal Dinner IMG_3211 
I love the speeches SO much. 
 Always lots of tears and always my favorite part. 
Matt & Sandy's Rehersal Dinner Matt & Sandy's Rehersal Dinner IMG_5163 Matt & Sandy's Rehersal Dinner 

The Wedding Day!!!
 The girls got ready at the hotel with brunch and mimosas and in our cute blue robes Sandy gave us.
Untitled Untitled
Kinley came in and joined us after her soccer game and she loved getting to wear flowers in her hair like Aunt Sandy. 
 We all rode a bus to the Arboretum for the wedding. 
IMG_3222 IMG_3226
I don't have many pics from the wedding day at all because I didn't have my phone around much but I have a few. Here is sweet Sandy with her dress on.
 She was just breathtaking.
Mom and her three kids before the ceremony
My cute little flower girl and ring bearer
IMG_3231 Matt & Sandy's wedding 
We could not have done the weekend or the wedding day without Alex, Mendy, Gary and Cheryl. They helped with my kids and Dylan AND Anson during the ceremony.
 It was such a big help.
  Matt & Sandy's Wedding
I held it together about 3/4 of the way down the aisle before I started crying. Matt & Sandy's wedding
I got a couple of pics and one video from Gary of Ty and Kinley coming down the aisle and a couple from Sandy on Facebook.
 I can't say enough about how great they did as ring bearer and flower girl.
 Ty walked down like a champ.
 He had taken off in a dead sprint at the rehearsal so I was a little worried but he stood tall and walked carefully carrying the ring box all the way to Matt.
 He only got distracted once when he took one hand away to wave at Inie on the second row.
 It was so, so cute.
IMG_3507 Matt & Sandy's wedding
Kinley walked right with Justice, Sandy's niece, and was so sweet and gentle instructing and helping her down the aisle. She got just a tad confused about where to go once they got to the front of the aisle so she just turned around and ran back down the aisle and Kinley just followed her.
 It was so sweet.
 They did great.
Matt & Sandy's wedding Matt & Sandy's Wedding IMG_3238

I had the best seat in the house watching Matt watch Sandy come down the aisle and say his vows to her.
 It was precious and emotional and just so perfect.
  Untitled  Untitled
After the ceremony was over we took a few pics and then were off to the reception.
Matt & Sandy's wedding 
The dance party was a blast afterward.
 My kids had so much fun until they left and then Ben and I got to stay to the end to see Matt and Sandy off.
 The band was fantastic and there were glow lights galore.
IMG_3235 IMG_3461 IMG_3239 IMG_3256 IMG_3264 IMG_3407 IMG_3463 
Of course Ben and I never took a pic in the photo booth we made but, at least a few people did!
 I stole this from Sandy's best friend, Rachel.
We took our traditional Howe cousin break from the party to hand over the Howe family cousin gift.
 It's been passed on to each cousin who has gotten married at their wedding since David & Kristi got married.
 I love how Inie is in the picture too.
IMG_3415 IMG_3422
How cute are Matt & Sandy dancing and singing on stage!?
IMG_3429 IMG_3430
And off they went to their honeymoon!
 It was just the best night!
We love you so much Uncle Matt Matt and Aunt Sandy!  We  can't wait for a lifetime of memories together!