Thursday, September 30, 2010

happy half-birthday

Today Kinley is 18 months old! A year and a half...I just can't believe it! The time has flown by. I can't believe she is walking, running, playing like a big girl, talking....well attempting to talk...going to school....ah. I just can't believe it. Last year on her half birthday I made her "1/2" shirt and that seems like SO long ago! Today, Kinley went to school. It was "blue" day because all month long they have learned about the color, she wore blue. She wanted her blue necklace and sunglasses and we took some brownie bites to her class so they could have a treat!

The last 18 months have been the greatest of my life...and I can't even wait for all that is ahead! I love you baby!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dallas Arboretum

If you saw this fabulous post by my sweet friends at Lullaby Lubbock then you basically got the gist of our AMAZING day at the Dallas Arboretum on Monday. There was lots and lots of pumpkins, face painting, a hay maze, a petting zoo, and lots of matching kiddos for us to chase around. It was gorgeous outside and just the perfect fall day. You know my love for all things Fall Festival-ish. Here are just a few more pics from the day that I thought were worth posting.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
The little kiddos LOVED the petting zoo.
pumpkin patch
The attempt at the group pic was amazing.
Kristen bought pinwheels for all the kids and this is still Kinley's favorite toy. She has not quite gotten the total hang of it yet...but, she does love it!

Monday, September 27, 2010

parties for Eden and Jack (& screen printed onesies)

This weekend was CRAZY....but, totally crazy FUN! We had Allison's birthday Friday night at Tillmans Roadhouse. More to come on that on Lullaby Lubbock soon! Then Eden's 2nd birthday party Saturday morning, Alex & Mendy's in town reception (more to come on that later here), and Baby Jackston's (Eden's soon to be brother) baby shower on Sunday....4 parties in 3 days. I haven't had a weekend like that in a while!

Eden's party had to be moved from outside to inside because of the rain but, a bounce house inside and a pinata was so much fun! Kinley just LOVES Eden....they really LOVE each other. It is so cute. They always want to be right next to each other and copy everything the other does. Eden is the sweetest, most well-behaved, thoughtful, and fun 2 year old. I got her a ton of stuff from Target that Kinley loves like play dough, books, colors and coloring books....ya know....but, I also made her 2 new elastic waist skirts for the fall (with leggings) or the spring. They are bright-colored and lined in pink jersey knit.
making sure Eden is still drinking her juice too

Then for Jack's shower, I made him some screen printed onesies. It was so easy to do and turned out so cute!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I totally love Fall....I love when the weather changes...I love football season....I love the holidays...pumpkin patches...hay rides and totally love the Festivals and Fairs that come around. One thing we LOVE to do is go to Grapefest on Main Street in Grapevine. This year we took advantage of the free admission Thursday and hit up Grapefest with Alex & Mendy. Kinley loved the dancing to the music, the food, games and of course the carousel.
touch to get a good pic on a moving carousel...but, we definitely tried! uncle alex really wanted kinley to ride the giraffe.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Boss!

Not to overdo the birthday posts...but, it is someone very special's birthday today and I have to say Happy Birthday to Boss!

My dad is the kindest, most loyal, supportive, wise man. I am over the moon for him and always have been. In the first couple years of our marriage Ben had to remind me that I should ask him for advice, directions, etc before running to or calling my dad. I had a hard time "leaving and cleaving"...if you know what I mean. I just could not let go! I have gotten to see a whole other side of my dad since having Kinley. I feel like I get a tiny glimpse into what he was like with me in the early years of being a daddy. He is so loving, nurturing and just SO wrapped around her little finger :-) He is such an example of a father, husband, son, and friend. I love him so much and I just want him to feel celebrated today!
I love you daddy!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Allison

Today is my best friend Allison's birthday! She is one of the amazing contributors of Lullaby Lubbock that I refer to, pretty much daily. I have known Allison for about 17 years and she is truly one of my most favorite people and someone I admire so much. She is always creative and has the most fun ideas. She is inspiring with all she has been through in life. She is loving, thoughtful, seriously one of the most beautiful people I know and just a joy to be around. She is the sweetest mom to Ella Reese and soon-to-be McKenna Leigh. I always ask her for advice on parenting, gift-giving, and party planning. She deserves to be celebrated and I am so excited to celebrate with her this weekend! Happy Birthday Allison! I love you more than you know and I am so thankful for your friendship!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Matt's Ring Day and a College T-Shirt Dress

This weekend Ben and I went down to College Station to see an Aggie football game and celebrate Matt getting his Aggie Ring! Uncle Alex and Aunt Mendy kept Kinley....I think all went well and they are all recovered now. 24 hours with a baby that isn't your own is tough, even if it is your niece! But, they were SUPER sweet about it all and I think they had a good time.

Of course, since I was heading to Aggieland and to a hot, hot football game, I had to make an A&M T-shirt dress! I am aware that this makes me look like I am trying to be in college still but, I have always wanted to make one and it beat spending $65 to buy one like this or even $50 for one like this. Instead, I used an old t-shirt I had and 1 yard of black jersey knit fabric from Hobby Lobby for $2.40 to make my dress! My dad showed up in the same T-shirt that I made my dress out, we were twins! Love it!
Picnik collage
Matt will be graduating in May with a Finance degree and is Class of 2011. We are so proud of him! He is so smart and fun, a great friend to everyone, and just a blast to be around. He is such a sweet brother and was so excited that we came down to celebrate with him. We missed our other Aggie siblings, Bart & Olivia, but, it was a blast to be there with some of our family and celebrate with Matt! Uncle Ben and Brooke and her friend Rachel came down for the game too. They got a quick glimpse into college life and some Aggie traditions!
Aggie Ring Pics
The game was not stellar on behalf of the football team but, we won, our seats were awesome and I always love a flyover and the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band! If you haven't been to a game in Kyle is quite and experience!
Picnik collage
After the game, Matt took part in the Aggie tradition of dunking his ring. This is a time-honored tradition at A&M for seniors who get their class ring.
Picnik collage
It was a fun day in College Station and we hope we can get back again this year!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lakehouse Re-do Update

Last weekend Mendy, Kinley and I headed out to the lakehouse on Thursday night for a girls work-weekend at the lake. We concentrated on Mendy & Alex's room. We have had the paint for their room for months but, this summer has been so busy that we have not been back to the lakehouse to work since June. We worked fast and furious and got their room painted and 14 panel curtains made (13 for Alex & Mendy's room and 1 for Kinley's room). We painted during Kinley's nap and both brought our sewing machines and busted out the curtains after she went to bed. Friday the Barstads came out to visit us because Tyler is only like 45 minutes away from the pics from this for some reason...but, we played in the lake and Kinley LOVED having the kids around to play. We will have to do that more often. Ben also ended up coming to spend the night Friday night and he thought we were crazy for loving to sew and paint for the whole weekend.
Kinley ate some chips on Alex & Mendy's bed while we finished painting. She loved it.
I don't know who loved the lake more....Kinley or Brinkley

Also, my wonderful father-in-law, Gary, requested an updated before vs. after post for the lakehouse because so much has been done! Here they go starting with our latest update:

Mendy & Alex's Room
Picnik collage

Ben & Lindsay's Room
Ben & Lindsay's Room

Kinley's Room
Kinley's room

The Boat House
Boat House

The Backyard
Picnik collage
The Firepit and the new Outdoor Shower!!
We still have some work to do in Gary & Cheryl's room and in the main living areas and kitchen...but, we have come so far in just a few months! More updates to come!