Monday, January 17, 2011

New York, New York - Part 1 - Food!

Last weekend Ben and I went to NYC for our 5 year anniversary! I cannot believe we have been married 5 years. Alot has happened in those 5 years...many life changes....many moves...many jobs...sweet Kinley. But, all I know is I love him as much today as I did the day I married him....even more. We decided to take a trip to celebrate! We also invited Alex & Mendy to come along...(I know that sounds weird for your anniversary...but, we were on vacation, with no kid, and we don't get that chance often) It was a great trip!

The Celebration....5 years!
For our anniversary day...Ben could not wait until I was even all the way ready to give me my plain yellow gold ring that I have been wanting for a while. It's very plain and simple and I love it. It is just what I wanted. I went a little more predictable and traditional. The 5 year gift is supposed to be 'Wood' so I gave him a humidor box (which I left at home) to keep some cigars in (which I brought for him to open!) We were both happy and celebrated. We also went out to dinner that night and to the theatre to celebrate. More on that to come!

It was both Ben and Mendy's first time to go to New York and so we did the perfect mix of site-seeing and just vacationing. We did so much in 3 days and also found time to just relax and sleep in. We ate and ate and ate, walked around the city, shopped, went to the theatre, and just loved seeing New York! I really think our trip was so fantastic that I am going to split my trip pics into a few posts and make it like a visitor's guide to NYC in three days! I tried SO hard to edit out some pics because we took a TON (391 to be exact) but, New York had a lot to see!

We truly ate every chance we got. We walked so much around NYC and it was so cold that we stopped in any time we could and ate. We also ate off the street from street vendors and as soon as our tummys were even a tiny bit empty, we ate again.

BRUNCH - I think all of our favorite place that we ate was Penelope for Brunch. It is so quaint and adorable you forget you are in the middle of a huge metropolitan city.

CLASSIC NEW YORK - The infamous Carnegie Deli was definitely an experience....and since we weren't that hungry, we all split their best sandwich, The Woody Allen.

MORE FOOD - We also ate at The Smith for another amazing brunch, Orso before the theatre and Lindy's Diner for cheesecake after the theatre and Pizza 33 for late night New York style pizza by the slice.

BEST CHINATOWN - We also ate at the most incredible restaurant in Chinatown called Joe's Shanghai. Alex's must-do was to eat pork dumplings and we had our fill. We met my sweet friends James and Katrina for lunch there. Joe's is a place that has been on their 'to eat' list for like 5 years and we got to experience it with them! It was SO fun seeing them. They are adorable and so fun and Katrina is uber-talented at interior design and fashion. You should check out her blog. We got to hang out with them one night at their apartment too and it was over-the-top adorable and I am pretty much going to copy everything in it.

Get Excited for NYC Posts Parts 2 and 3 - "The Sites" and "Entertainment & Other FUN"


Honey said...

Sounds like y'all had a blast! Good pics and so fun to see James. Can't wait for the next installment. Only thing missing is Kinley :) But I'm so glad we had her while you were gone.

Mendy said...

what a fun trip!!! cant wait till we can go back on day :)