Monday, February 2, 2015

Dylan - 5 months old

A few things about five months:

- You are 14 pounds and I continue to be surprised how you eat and grow even with your ears hurting like you do.

- You are still eating only breastmilk and I am still keeping up with you which surprises me a little but, I am thankful!

- You are scheduled now for ear tubes. I am a bit of a wreck thinking about you having surgery at 5 months old but, it's happening and I am praying this means the end of ear infections and for some good night's rest for us both. You have seen the inside of more doctors offices than I ever wanted. Untitled

- No improvements to report on sleeping. Realistically, we still wake up every 1-2 hours. You sometimes go a 3-4 hour stretch right at the beginning of the night...maybe 8-midnight but after that you are up every 2 hours without fail. 3 or 4 times a night still. I am tired. I live a little exhausted but, I feel like after you ear surgery and confirmation that you are healthy, we can start a stricter sleep-training routine. You always sleep a little better during naps if you have a hand on you. This one is Honey's. Untitled

- You have rolled over a few more times but, do not do it often.

  - You much prefer to stand all.the.time. Either being held in a lap standing up or in your excersaucer.
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- You are getting so good with your grip and can pretty much grab and chew on any toy.

- I am SHOCKED you don't have any teeth yet. You are my slowest teether by far and with the most drool. It surprises me every day that goes by and you don't have a tooth.

- You have the bluest eyes and we don't go anywhere without someone commenting on your baby blues. Kinley has deemed your nickname to be "Blue Eyes" and tells everyone she knows.
- Speaking of Kinley, she has gotten very good at holding you now and you love it. She constantly wants pictures taken of her holding you.
- You were dedicated at church this month and have gone to the church nursery a total of once so far. But, you do so well at the gym that I think I am ready to put you in at church a little more.
  - You are still super chatty when you feel good but, when you don't you are pretty quiet. It's like the vibration of talking hurts your little ears.
-  Baby, you never stop smiling. You are so happy and smiley all the time no matter how you feel. You have no stranger-danger and go to anyone with a smile. It is so sweet. You are patient and let your brother and sister climb all over you and get in your face to make you smile and you love it. You still laugh all the time too and are ticklish pretty much everywhere.
Dylan - Angel boy, you are a treasure. You are absolutely the sweetest and most precious baby. You have been my hardest baby so far with your ears and doctor visits and lack of sleep but, I would go to the ends of the earth if I could to help you be healthy and feel good. You make every sleepless night so worth it. If I just look at you, you smile at me and it melts me. You are an absolute joy. I cannot believe only a few more weeks until you are 1/2 a year old. It is flying by and I want it to just slow down! I love you so much.
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kristen said...

it is hard to pick which post to comment on bc I love them all!! way to run the 15k!! I wish i was there with you!! and i love all the kid pics with the animals! and valentines! I love that little mail box so much! and dylan. dying. These month posts just melt me. He and kinley on the BED?! stop it. his smile is just so precious.