Friday, April 18, 2014

Here we go again....

Well, the last month has really been a blur.  Most of 2014 has felt that way actually.  Let me give you a timeline...
We get back in early January from Christmas in Costa Rica
We go see a little house For Sale by Owner that we like
By mid-January we put our house on the market
Our old house sells in one day
We sign contracts to purchase a house and sell ours
Then... BOOM...we find out we are having a baby! 
(hello Costa Rica baby)
Untitled Untitled
I mean, talk about timing.  God has every.single.detail. worked out before we even know it.  He knew we would need that extra space and extra room come September before we even did. He orchestrated our whole move and purchase of our home and it all went amazingly smooth despite the many hurdles to overcome. 
But, here we go again.....moving......pregnant....during tax season.  I swore we would never do that again when we moved into our old house when I was 9 months pregnant with Kinley during February 5 years ago.
We move into the house mid-February and have had painters and workers in and out of the house for a solid two months.  There are still entire rooms full of boxes and nothing on the walls and empty cabinets with nothing on them.  We are living there...and it totally feels like home and so peaceful...but, it is still in total chaos.  This is real life.
Mix in there, Kinley turning 5 on March 30th
Ben turned 30 on April 4
and tax deadline April 15th...
(Oh, and did I mention we have a trip to Disney World scheduled in a week? and we need to celebrate Easter and sing in eight Easter services before then too?)
So, here we go's about time to start blogging again...after a month hiatus. 
It has definitely been a total blur....but, everything has just been so fun.  We are running ourselves ragged and are exhausted at the end of each and every day but, our hearts are so full with all good things.
But, that's why I need to blog it all and hash out all the memories and feelings so I don't forget the details.  It's the details that make memories.  The feelings you felt, the moments you shared amidst the many changes.  The times I sat and just held my kids when their whole worlds were changing.  And although, I truly do NOT think I will EVER forget the Spring of 2014, I just don't want to forget the details.
I am going to try to blog in chronological order and bust out post after post until I catch up. 
But, I will catch up.

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