Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving playgroup

Last friday was the first time for playgroup to be at my house and I just loved it. The whole house becomes pretty much a disaster area because there are 12 kids and they just play their hearts out. It is so fun.

For some reason I don't have any pictures of Parker that day because they had to leave early and Kinley came late because we started before she got out of school.
But, even with all the craziness and coming and going...it was still just so much fun. 

There was lots of dress up..Sweet Mila is a beautiful Cinderella. IMG_2288
This may be my favorite Maverick costume yet. This boy does not last long in regular clothes.
Ryland playing dress up too...so precious. IMG_2266 Ty clapping just to show off some of his tricks. IMG_2270
Ella is showing off her belly button. IMG_2279
Our fireplace screen is everybody's favorite place to play.
IMG_2281 IMG_2290
Arabella and Annabelle Grace in the ball pit...are those pigtails to die for!? IMG_2272 IMG_2275
I don't think I have ever seen Guiliana not smile. IMG_2283
And Sean Ryan is just growing like a weed by the day. IMG_2284 

 When we do playgroup at a house we usually try to incorporate some craft. This time we decided on pinecone turkeys and thankful trees. 
 We traced all the kids hands on paper for the turkey feathers and made one tree per family. 
 It was so sweet to see all that Kinley said she was thankful for. IMG_2295 IMG_2298 That day she was especially thankful for "when friends play at my house." 
Me too Kinley, me too. IMG_2299

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