Monday, January 18, 2010

Matching Monday

Hope you are all having a great Matching Monday!
1.18.10 003
Picnik collage
1.18.10 010
Hope it is a little happier than these girls! Haha!


Allison said...

SO cute!!! I wish Ella was there in her matching green striped shirt! Everybody looks so cute together and so BIG!!! love it!

jojo said...

Sweet sweet babies and sweet moms too.

kristen said...

that was such a fun day!! love getting to see yall!! wish ella was there too in her shirt!! we gotta do something tomorrow too!!

Honey said...

This makes me smile...just seeing OUR daughters taking THEIR kids shopping. Those days were so special for us and they go by so fast. Enjoy the time you spend with those sweet angels!